BREAKING NEWS: Nermanii reporting –

Early today, the Empire uncovered a plot to destroy the Emperor on Coruscant. These anarchists are former Republic insurgents loyal to the Jedi. Many high ranking military officials were implicated. Sadly the descent of the famed Odile Vaiken, Vice-Admiral Erichammel Vaiken was mistakenly killed in this incident. His death allegedly by anarchists.

[Simulated Footage Redaction by Imperial Decree]

In a statement by the new leader, Lord Vader,

“We have built this Empire from the ashes of Republic corruption. Only the best officers appreciate our benevolent Emperor who has given us the strength and resolve to bring these anarchists who harbor Jedi traitors to the Empire. We will defeat them. And we will win.”

In other news, the BoloBall finals….

Back to you Juloff!

[[Read the rest of the performance here. Some NSFW]]

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