In 2010, @SWAG_77 @IsleSanctuary does a RP about the “Inquisitorius” – RFRS Aberrant Clones


With the developments from #StarWarsRebels at #NYCC, we are showing our work on the “Inquisitor” concept that we developed.

At the time, not all the characters were known. Moreover, 2 of our RPers decided to leave and bash the group personally. We had to recoup. We avoid this behavior through our tests, practices, evaluations and recommendations.

Fact is, SWAG 77 has gotten very good at predicting what Lucasfilm will do for Star Wars based on our calculated hypotheses and empirical evidence.

From now on, we will only accept members with a proven track record or are SAG actors.

RFRS: Aberrant Clones by Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists

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