When Celebrities get bashed…

There is NO excuse for this. NONE. But it is usual for Star Wars and for social media:




Background: Ms. Ashley Eckstein, voice actress for Ahsoka Tano in the show Star Wars: The Clone Wars has spent 6 years as this character. She “grew” with this character, giving her a voice and reality unlike anyone imagined.

Then in March it was announced by Lucasfilm Ltd that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be winding down and there might be a Season 6. So the last season, Season 5, where we saw the character, Ahsoka Tano, leave the Jedi Order.



But Lucasfilm Ltd., the Star Wars property in general, has SEVERAL PROJECTS in place. One of their social media touchpoints is “This is Madness” where everyone votes for their favorite character in Star Wars and like the brackets in the NCAA Basketball championship games, they will learn who is the most favorite character.

Ms. Ashley Eckstein’s character, Ahsoka Tano was placed against Captain Rex. To promote her character, Ms. Eckstein decided to do a quick YouTube video that if you follow Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you will find it amusing.


Evaluation and diagnosis: What this response post from this “DarthMRN” is not criticizing Ms. Eckstein on her performance on the video, but her trying to “pass off” her character to get more out of her “losing deal” with Lucasfilm Ltd. He believes her days are “numbered” as “Ahsoka Tano” Star Wars Character.

He states using “begging to question” and ‘raising goal posts” logic fallacies to rationalize his statement, not realizing that it is wrong if you follow Ms. Eckstein’s career.

Diagnosis: Flatly, he uses social media poorly to develop his dysfunction, usually railroading his responders to force them to accept him erroneous opinions.


Conclusions: Lucasfilm can have restricted keyword comments or moderated comments. Ms. Eckstein should have the choice to allow the comment field, like other social media platforms.

Specific locations to say comments, no matter how offensive they may be. But not toward a celebrity.

Use of REAL NAMES. If an individual cannot use his real name, then why is he posting anywhere? Anonymity is what is allowing bad behavior and progresses cyberbullying. It needs to stop!

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