Rising Force, Rebellious Seed – Army of the Born Sith’ari – A Star Wars Fan Fiction by ISCA & SWAG77

Rising Force, Rebellious Seed – Army of the Born Sith’ari

is the story of the Sith Clone, Galen Marek Starkiller selected with the yellow-red eye color and the Yuuzhan Vong Human hybrid Imperial Senator, Yemaja Mlise Lah who live half in the Force and half outside of the Force, which causes her lots of pain.

The Yuuzhan Vong are extragalactic species bent on invading the known Star Wars galaxy as blessed by their gods. They are absent in the Force; therefore very few Force Powers work on their warriors. The Yuuzhan Vong are ultra-religious to a pantheon of gods and their lives are filled with sacrifice and pain.

The question this story examines, when the power of the Dark Side Force Users was at its height, how come these users did not annihilate the Yuuzhan Vong threat from full invasion? The other question examined is since the Yuuzhan Vong invaded and destroyed many planets in the “New Jedi Order” series, how come they did not invade “Sith Space”?

The timeline of this story is 0 BBY before the Death Star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker and after Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back.

Read the prologue, chapters 1 and 2 for a limited time as shown

Published by Star Wars Actors Guild 77

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