Welcome Newbies to SWAG77 Social Media Entertainment!

For beginners to performance, roleplay – RP or portrayal of favorite characters in Star Wars: This SWAG77 blog is for you!

SWAG77 is the Star Wars Actors Guild 77. We are social media entertainment and performance. We create, develop, write and perform stories for social media entertainment. We also have a podcast, SWAG77 Podcast.

All our cast studies a rigorous approval process to maximize their creative expression on social media production.

Lucasfilm recognized us at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida. Our fan table was the only one of involved with social media entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.

Annually, there are potential new members who are new to the Star Wars franchise and their familiarity with it is limited. SWAG77 members wish to cultivate our potential new members to enjoy their entertainment experiences. It permits the cast for elevated performance that entertains and excites as new stories are told. Our metrics indicate our methods work.

We want all potential new members to feel free to ask honest and innocent questions that relate to Star Wars Lore. Lucasfilm told us to maintain character canon, continuity and timeline. We observe their wishes with meticulous page creation and development. Our process involves images, conversations, quotes from sources and continuous interrogation. Our standard of excellence is high performance that suspends the audience’s disbelief on social media.

Should you wish to join the performance side, you have to audition and train in our group.  Contact us on the SWAG77 Facebook page to start your process now!



While there are numerous RP groups on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+, Lucasfilm recognizes SWAG 77 for Star Wars social media entertainment and performance.

We also have Podcast production through JDMaul Productions as is an alternative to performance.

If you do not want to perform, you can become an intern with the Podcast through JDMaul Productions.

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