Everything SWAG77 has prognosticated has come into fruition…

Dotted through all the SWAG77 blogs are points of view as to approach.

Right now, we are countermanding the DARK SIDE directly. It does get kind of wild.

The Mandalorian coming out is being worked up right now on a social media strategy.

We may do the Class of 1992 and all we can say it is SEXY AF!

If you cut us out or we were forced to cut you, do you’re own thing, you’re probably better off without us. So much for fandom. We’re not interested in your toxicity and we do not treat your mental illness. Just because you have a problem like that doesn’t mean you deserve to be a jackass to us.

We’re going on 10 years doing this. You can be old and busted or new hotness.

Forget it…

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