So Facebook created a section for shops on their pages. You are required to have a EIN to sell items, much like eBay and Etsy. No big deal. 

SWAG77 decided to sell items from our affiliate organizations for a small percentage in return. It is not a lot. The past year will be our worst year. So much, maybe the Facebook shop will help with the support. So far, it’s not the most useful. It will be.

The items we post are for fans to buy. Criticism of items is WASTING OUR TIME. Adding competitor sites takes away from our business. We have no response other than to BLOCK and BAN.

Should you want to sell items, create your own accounts for that. There is no need to post spam trash on our pages. That is inappropriate. Perhaps you are more successful. Good luck. But this is business driven, not flight of fancy to slam a business because a troll can. That is pathetic.

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