Presenting Celebrate the Waking: The 2017 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology




We are proud to present the pieces that officially comprise Celebrate the Waking: The 2017 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology.


  1. Behind Your Eyes Are Waves and Stars by @dustoftheancients
  2. It Feels Like a Thousand Eyes by @jitterygummy


  1. and find your way back home by @greyjedireylo
  2. Two Stars Aligned by @mollymatterrs
  3. the closer I move by @thewayofthetrashcompactor

Carnival di Venezia:

  1. In Un’Altra Vita by @lion-hearted-wolf

Festival of Light

  1. chance may crown me by @cosetteskywalker
  2. Fear of Fireworks by @cobwebbing
  3. Mirrorbright by @kylorenvevo

First Day of Freedom:

  1. The Way To Tomorrow by @the-reylo-void

First Day of Spring:

  1. paradise regained by @punkeraa

First Kiss:

  1. Sunblossom by @kuresoto

First Snow:

  1. Snowflakes by @nightsofreylo


  1. Coda Memoriam by @theauraki
  2. Counterfeits by @reylotrashcompactor


  1. Rule of Threes by @thegreatcometsgf
  2. Luminous Beings by @hauscrashburn

Guy Fawkes Day:

  1. Celebrating Gai Phox by @tehanufromearthsea


  1. Trick of Masks by @gio-zzz
  2. We Pay a Tithe to Hell by @schuyleryette

New Year’s Eve:

  1. Digital Barycenter by @maq-moon

Nocturne of the Winged Planet:

  1. Nocturne of the Winged Planet by @reylosmut

Remembrance Day:

  1. Devoid of Exaltation by @cynical-harlequin
  2. Spillikin by @ceallaigheirinn


  1. Things Not Seen by @southsidestory


  1. The Sluagh’s Bargain by @nerdherderette

Summer Solstice:

  1. A Midsummer’s Night Shared Dream by @shelikespretties


  1. How Our Song Goes by @lariren-shadow

Winter Solstice:

  1. through the darkness hails the light by @politicalmamaduck

The 2017 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology is available for download as an e-book PDF compatible with mobile devices here, as a web-based e-book presentation with images here, and as a collection on AO3 here.


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