In 2014, SWAG77 decided to pursue taking a Star Wars Legends character, Thrawn and adding him back to Disney canon in Star Wars Rebels. 

Today, Facebook attempted to destroy our Thrawn advocacy by restricting the posting on the Facebook page account from other verified social media sources. Calling what we were posting as “spam”. 

Spam sells fake items. All items we sell are Thrawn books from Amazon. Their definitions of upgrading their code is destructive.

These activities are normal for Facebook. Content restriction and content censorship by Facebook. None of this work condemns any party to hurt anyone. Discussing classic fine art, classical music and fan art promotion and fanfic writing in Star Wars are fan activities that Disney should fully support. But there are some individuals that hate those activities and want nothing but to harm fans who are excited about our content. For whatever reasons these fans have, they are not about the values promulgated by Disney, Lucasfilm or Star Wars. 

SWAG77 paid a high price for our activities on Facebook. For Facebook to do this to us shows that they support hate and bigotry. That is how we see their latest action. They hate POCs, they hate Star Wars, they hate fine art, they hate fan art, they hate fan writing and they hate books. 

The ONLY way to rectify this cause, is to give a verified sign on all SWAG77  pages as listed. Anything less is the promotion of hate.

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