Read an excerpt as Thrawn returns to ‘Star Wars’ book universe






And so Outbound Flight. Something I told casuals to read a month ago. If you don’t know who Parck is or why Thrawn knows who Anakin Skywalker is, you’d better get Outbound Flight and read it and stop making up bullshit metas. Http://

Parck wasn’t in Outbound Flight, he was in Mist Encounter. Some of the Outbound Flight editions have Mist Encounter at the end but not all of them.

And Anakin and Obi-Wan left Outbound Flight (per Palpatine’s “request”) before Thrawn encountered it, so actually no, Outbound Flight doesn’t explain Thrawn knowing Anakin.

That is not the point of this post at all. You missed it completely.

Do not disabuse yourself into thinking what your admonishment of me in public is seen as fair fandom rather than your personal vendetta. I know who my supporters were during the Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebel campaign, and I also know you lacked participation because you hate fans like me. So this oversight of mine in such a public forum is your fetishizing fandom and aggrandizement. It fails to support the current Star Wars material from Disney, which is what I am trying to do.


“Personal Vendetta”? I have literally never even spoken to you before and I have no idea who you are other than some blogger who is giving people wrong information about what is and is not in the Outbound Flight novel.

It’s not even the first time I’ve seen you get information about Thrawn incorrect but this time I felt it was worth speaking up. Don’t get your hackles up about something that is nothing more than correcting something that you didn’t get right. And also as to your persecution complex if you want to take credit for Thrawn being on Rebels, I really do not give a rat’s ass.

You want to know where I was during your little campaign? I was working a full-time job to support myself like actual grown-ups do, which did not leave me time to screw around on social media. But I wouldn’t expect you to know about that, since my copies of the Thrawn trilogy are probably older than you are.

So get a grip and stop getting paranoid about anyone who does not agree with you even when you’re flat out wrong.

You haven’t even tried to reach out to me. You picked the wrong day to act like you so much better than me as your first post speaking to me respectfully on Tumblr.

You chose to put me down as a Star Wars fan, than to help me up and you made it public. That’s cruel. And you did it during a day when I’m suppose to be excited as a Star Wars Thrawn fan.

Why are you even here?

All my information can be found on the front matter of my blog and through my archives: and all my content can be searched.

I tire of fans that want to hurt me when all I am doing is posting, right or wrong information, the fact is I’m posting content rather than yelling at people who are just trying to write and share their Star Wars fandom.

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Thank you. This conversation from our performance accounts is done.

Read an excerpt as Thrawn returns to ‘Star Wars’ book universe

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