9 Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath | Psych2Go 

We decided to release this video a bit earlier because we got a request to release a new video on attachment styles. Attachment styles, though Psych 101, play an important role in our how deal with others in relationships. Hence, attachment styles have relationship implications. Watch this video. Help us get the words out on it.

Also, we’re hoping to collaborate with ASAPscience, Domics, /IISuperwomanII, which is nearly impossible considering how busy these people are. But if you guys can help us promote this video, get more words out about Psych2Go, we can definitely make it happen.

This year is the year.

There is a lot of sociopathy on social media. Inappropriate posts, namely out of context, butting into conversations that are completely arrogance driven, not inquiry driven. Derail the flow with emotion but are disconnected to the topic being discussed. 

A pic says 1000 words, but the sociopath only sees what in it for them.

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