How We Choose To Roleplay (RP)

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The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 chooses to roleplay (RP) a particular way that provides strong, accurate and authentic performances on social media.

Our guidelines are listed on this site:

Support our efforts:

We go at great strides to vet all our members to see if they know how to roleplay in a professional manner, willing to follow the guidelines as we have set them, and have a strong desire to read the literature, write scripts and fan-fictions. We cannot have subversion to our processes because of the amount of work required to organize several social media accounts that are managed and are under monetization through the main company, Ariafya LLC.

We expect all new fans to the SWAG77 to review our sites, our writing, our headcanons, our fanfictions, and our roleplays.

We expect all new fans to participate in our Q&A’s in a fair manner.

We expect all new fans to respect our process or move on to several other great Star Wars fan groups that are available on social media for participation. If it does not happen, we will block or ban the user. Because the way we see it, our right to lawfully compete in business is being interrupted with troll attacks.

There is no need to interact with individuals that fail to meet our expectations from a business perspective.

We want to remain present for Star Wars fans willing to work with us.

Thank you very much.

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