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See, in 2011, I wrote a letter to Lucasfilm how diversity needs to be addressed due to the cyberbullying.

I showed screenshots to prove my point.

They wrote back clueless. I abandoned Twitter because of the harassment.

No Black people supported me. In fact Black people participated in the bullying – misogynoirists. There is no Black solidarity in the Fandom. There was none overall in 2011.

Then Trayvon Martin was murdered.

That changed some of minds and having real life experiences in bigotry and racism like I have had flips your understanding and perspective quickly.

But this fight, you won’t win this way. Why? You’re whining about it. People are sick of hearing Black women whine. Just how they see it.

Make it worthwhile. Don’t be stupid and misconstrue what I am saying because your historical reference sucks. Do your research and learn.

How “Star Wars” forgot about black women – JUST ADD COLOR

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