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Most people think for a Star Wars Celebration fan table that you need is what LFL gives you: a table and 2 chairs and maybe a trash can. That’s it, nothing else. There is barely a table curtain covering and booth curtain covering that shows your placard of your booth name.

The rest you see in the pic is all owned by the Star Wars Actors Guild 77. The large Maul image, the TV with stand, the folding chairs, the table decorations, and computers. The green carpet, electricity and extension cords have to be paid for, . That does not include the “props” for the FUN stuff, like a putting green and a bubble machine for the children. There are not enough “collateral materials” – like brochures, handouts, gifts for all the guests that visit. Therefore, to have a fan table at Star Wars Celebration – at least one that is fun, it costs $5000.

That is our reality. I like to do exceptional work and I do not want to have flimsy booth because I cannot afford it. As much social media bullying I endure on a constant basis because of my Star Wars fandom, I feel that my best recourse to give a quality fan table experience to fans I have met on social media.

As a donor, for a $100 donation:

Your name (or business name) will be promoted on the SWAG77 conglomerate of 100 social media accounts. That means something for small business across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram social media channels.

http://fnd.us/SWAG77isFandom?ref=sh_5Iqpe direct contribution


http://paypal.me/SWAG77/100 through paypal.

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