#StarWars Actors Guild 77 Celebrates Good Times C’mon!


The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is raising funds to have a Fan Table at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando in April 2017.

To do what we do, requires a lot of planning and effort.

  • Sending large display items to location
  • Booth electricity
  • Booth internet connection
  • Group Collateral Materials
  • Convention In House Support

We need assistance. For ever $100 gift donation, we will send a token of appreciation of our Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels Save The Ysalamiri sock puppets and several other swag items.

You and your business will figure in prominently on our major social media channels from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

More than $500 and you will be on our SWAG 77 Podcast HoloNet ESPN overview… Yeah, cable costs and if we want it, we need the connection. But if we could have ESPN and the Golf Channels for Death Star Putt Putt….Yeah… *winks*. We have a lot of fun at our booth.

Support us at this link: http://fnd.us/SWAG77isFandom?ref=sh_5Iqpe

Example here:

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