What kind of evidence do you suppose it’ll take to get the JCF admin to allow Reylo speculation again? I mean, come on, JJ’s commentary all but confirms it.



At this rate, I’d say it would take an official still with the Lucasfilm logo showing Kylo and Rey kissing with tongues.

Not enough. One of the mods must be physically present at the conceiving, birth and christening of the next Skywalker baby, or reylo doesn’t happened.

It can be done… give me movie posters sized believable manip prints and 5 t-shirts and I’ll post them in my Star Wars Celebration booth…

Same thing we did for Get Thrawn In when Dave Filoni saw it…

Doesn’t matter what haters say. We have a pre-select shipping day where we all wear t-shirts of our fave ship. #Reylo in this case.

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