Truth: Why are we pursing a ship type social media than a noble one, like getting a Black Woman in Star Wars?


Because the grief is not worth it to do the “right thing” alone. I’d need more support. Voices stronger than mine. Social media viral marketing that I can’t do alone. I’m not going to bring a Black Woman into this game with so many who hate our very existence. Forget the new books. I’ll be with the rest of the crowd who are reactive after the movie than proactive before the movie is written.

Thrawn was hard enough and that’s a whitewashed blue dude…

The odds of doing a dark complexioned heroine in Star Wars who lives through tumult in Star Wars are non-existent. Absent.

So when you complain, just know IDC because 3 letters to Lucasfilm with responses means that someone doesn’t get it.

I’d do better to get George Lucas in the film as a cameo like Stan Lee is in Marvel flicks.

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