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Our RP Performance Member accounts are listed here. This list will change without notice.

When we interact with one another, our RPers have been vetted for roleplay, performance, writing, and many other activities. We know one another and perform in different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Most Star Wars Actors Guild 77 official RP performances will have a synopsis before we perform. And performance will take place at a DEFINED venue.

Just because you may see our RPers interacting with people or other RPers, does not mean we are roleplaying (RPing). RP to us means performance. To other groups, it does not mean that. But to us, we see a formal script that we perform. What you see is probably are practicing, rehearsing or portraying our characters.

We have encountered so much negative behavior that at this time, we can only RP with fully vetted members. It’s our RP rules. There are several other accounts that are available to RP with, we are not the only closed RP group in Star Wars. We are fine with that. 

We see our performance as an “art form” and we wish to keep personal attacks, straw men fallacies and microaggressions, misogyny, misogynoir and other real life events out of the creation and development of our art. That’s how we do it. Other groups may not do it that way, but that’s how we have done it for the last 5 years and we know it works.

Also on the list, are only the character accounts, not entity accounts. We are working on that. It takes a lot of code additions for that to happen and it will take time.

If you want to know what stories we are working on, all you have to do is ask… We will tell you either in IC or OOC for character accounts. 

Story development takes a lot of time.

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