#StarWarsCelebration Costs. Our Plea & Help us. We’re Ready!

2014 Star Wars Celebration SWAG 77-1-1

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 pushed itself into fundraising which it hates to do. It prefers to deliver performances on social media. The reason for money is to have a nice fan table at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim on April 16th – 19th. Several activities derailed our efforts, even broken our spirit. But we will not be deterred. We have the table and we remain stoic with excitement.

Below is the list of our costly items.

Carpeting – always nice so the cold concrete floor does not hurt us.


A Flatscreen with stand so that all can see our dynamic interactions.

A grounded internet connection because we will upload a lot of information and require speeds that will accept our data. Moreover a hotspot is unable to provide a strong enough signal for all the work we do on social media.

We can say price gouge, but this is the way it is for conventions. Anything will help us and we would appreciate support in this endeavor. We can wait until March 20, 2015 to get even half the amount we anticipated.

Help fund us for a great cause keeping young people safe and engaged on social media.

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Buy your T-shirt here to get Chiss in #StarWarsRebels

Buy your T-shirt here to get Chiss in #StarWarsRebels


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