Creativity Is The Greatest Rebellion In Existence ~Osho



“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence” `Osho

From Sabine Wren’s “Art Quotes

After a bit of research on our part, to assist with the #GetThrawnIn campaign, we’ve decided to pursue this theme as to why we think Grand Admiral Thrawn should be in Star Wars Rebels. This theme is:

  • The sparks of the rebellion were based on lost freedoms, missing loved ones without due process, and rationing of vital resources.
  • The oppressed people were stretched to a limit and felt little hope until a few creatives said no more
  • One of the main creatives is “Sabine Wren” a Mandalorian explosive artist.

Sabine Wren only outlet to rebel was through graffiti art where she did not care about its illegality when she tagged her spaces. She had a stable life on Mandalore at the academy which she would invariably be a part of the Imperial machine. But being another cog in the wheels of the Empire failed her creative spirit. So she left and eventually found Kanan, Hera, Chopper, and Zeb.

All of them had to find a way to fight the Empire with scarce resources and lack of manpower and expertise to work together to change what the Empire is doing.

The drawback?

What if an art critic and aficionado enters the arena and can pick out the personalities and behaviors of every artist and creative in the room? 

Based on this individuals observations without using the Force, he can deduce the Rebel’s weaknesses to defeat them and diminish their power structure just by the introduction of a rebuttal with art?

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 thinks that Grand Admiral Thrawn is well suited to fulfill that lead antagonist role. His ultimate goal, to dismantle confusion (still a work in progress).

What do you think? 

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