And the Hate Everyone Pageant title goes to Miss Representation!

You have to make hate doppelganger accounts to misrepresent me. WOW! Ok…

I must be super-important for you to spend all your waking hours on little old me. Bad publicity is better than no publicity. Give into your anger, your rage and your hate to me! PLEASE spend all your time to make everyone on Tumblr HATE me. DO EIT!  Please. I relish in your warped fantasy that one day I want to fawn over your friendship to last a lifetime! That’s my only goal in life! Please reblog this to make sure you make a complete fool out of me, because I need your help to do that, fair maidens and mermen… Oh yes, I need your help to obliterate me and make me so much less than you. I opine for your ire, your time and your joys to destroy just me! Oh yes! What will I be without your destruction?  /end sarcasm and parody. 

How about leaving my group and me alone?

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