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Oh man….where to begin….

If you are a friend or follower of mine from my personal blog (guten-morgen) you probably already know that last week I was laid off from my job.

Panic attack occurred because i have bills to pay, cats to feed, and no way to find a job at the end of the holiday season.

So I talked with my boyfriend and thinking about it I decided to just do it. All eggs in the basket, open an etsy store and start printing tshirts (and other assorted things),

I already have most of the stuff to print I’m just missing equipment that would make the quality of my prints better which leads to the kickstarter I am planing on launching at the end of the week to raise money so I can start this craziness.

I will be posting designs that will be listed on etsy through out the week and updates of me setting up my shop and building my darkroom and awesome stuff. 

tldr; lost my job, starting an etsy store, kickstarter to help, awesome tshirt to come.

Also tagging fandoms I’m making designs for.

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