Wow. It was like the decision was night & day. No one speaks to our RPers because we asked them to READ ALL #StarWars books? REALLY? Why?

There’s a reason for it and we know why. We tried to speak civilly and be respectful honoring comments. Now that won’t happen anymore. Sorry you messed up. We have done it before. 

To not notify us professionally is wrong. We have a EIN and pay taxes for our business for 5 years. We don’t hide that fact. 

The minute the owner decides to leave this project is the moment the project succeeds. Because it is in failure with the misogyny and games against diverse people now. There is no reason for it in anyone’s fandom.

We could see if we chased and hounded after the individuals who started the harassment. Who can disagree with a post recommendation to read all the Star Wars literature? Why? 

How sad.

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