What is it that I am trying to do to roleplay (#RP)? #StarWars #Scandal


I have to remind myself to not give up on this because dealing with those who are clueless and don’t understand or want to understand can get difficult. It is difficult because those I know who know how to roleplay are busy in real life and I have to respect their time, which isn’t a problem, but they’re not around with I have to deal with the idiot haters, either. I’m left alone.

But what is it that I’m trying to do to roleplay (RP)?

I’m not the first. I get that. But roleplayers who can roleplay put a lot of work into their creations. They research from all sources of literature, from novels, movies, comics, magazine articles, interviews, etc. In my old field, in graduate school and post-doctoral research, we call that “literature review”. I love doing literature reviews because it gives us the concept of where we stand to where we can branch out for a new hypothesis or vision. It is the essence of creativity.

Given that we do this in roleplay, shouldn’t we get paid for it?

Why would any movie production company or publisher pay us?

Because with social media, we can test story ideas to see if they have “traction”, to see if the audience responds to them to want more, to drive the story into a direction that is both interesting and desirable. How do you think stories for books, TV and movies are written? In conferences? 

The narrative is on social media. It is a wealth of marketing genius built in with ready-made audience, primed for critique – positive and negative.

The point is: How much is it worth to you as an entertainment content creator to know if your story has audience traction before the first print on a page, or the first pixel in the online reader board, or the first print on film? What if I told you that social media has a way to estimate that within 1000 households? Would you be interested?

And while there ARE accounts of characters on, Twitter from entertainment production companies, they do not RP be that well. They’re not quite sure what to do or how to do anything. And the harassment is high online. So how to circumvent that is by a process of roleplaying that I have created through my training as a scientist. It works. It keeps people wanting more and coming back for more.

If I could pay RPers, I could do really good stories. But since I don’t have a backer, I can’t.

I’m mainly in 3 universes.

  • Star Wars is the biggest under igotswag77
  • Scandalverse is the most popular under oliviapopescandal
  • Posthumous Celebrities – which are actually more fun that you think depending one who is chosen is currently on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Another includes – The Korraverse

These verses are very hard to set up with stability and continuity on social media as a hobby enterprise and employment.

My method yields results, but I need to pay scaled blogger rates to get serious commitment. Without paying the artists required to do the work, it just will not help. 

But, my eyes are still on the prize. Oneday, someone will appreciate what I will do. That’s why I write these things.

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