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I have a pretty big announcement to make. I’ve been withholding this information for the better part of a month now, but since the thing is actually now out and beyond control, I think the time has come. One of the single greatest things that has ever happened to me and will ever happen to me has occurred…

They named a Neimoidian after me.

His name is Zill Kartay (see if you can figure that out), and he’s one of the four aides who accompany Gunray and Haako to Naboo during the invasion; you can read about him in the upcoming Star Wars Insider 148. I am so beyond words right now…this doesn’t happen to everyone, and I still can’t believe it’s happened to me. I’m grateful beyond words to Tim Veekhoven, Kevin Beentjes, and Sander De Lange for making this happen; I was almost in tears when I was told. My dream has literally come true.

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