SWAG 77 RP EPISODE ALERT: Recap of what just happened with Obi-Bo & #MaraJade


//Yeah… That was mean to poor Obi-Wan. 

//But Bo is a mother, enraged and Mandalorian. So what you’re saying is that she should  not do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to get her daughter. Mandalorians are not all pacifistic. They are warriors. To deny that to them, is to kill them. 

//Stop the metagame and see how it develops to the end. We all know Aay’han – or Mara Jade – gets taken by the Empire. How? That story may be in the Lucasfilm Star Wars Vault, but nothing really has been drawn to that effect.  Just a paragraph or two dotted. They may even have a writer on it now.

//Besides we also know what happens to Alderaan. It’s better to get her Aay’han off of the planet, too… It is serendipity that Bo that MUSE does this.

//This is NOT what the MUN thinks. But then, that would be I’m forcing an out of character action on my muse.

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