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There are many reasons to perform on social media or pretend you are a character in your favorite movie, television show, videogame, novel or comic book.

At the  Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists, we help actors develop their creative artistry on social media.

The Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists creates, writes and performs stories using social media as the conduit to present that story!

We describe it as a “1940’s Radio Drama“ in front of live audience, but we upgraded our “radio” to the upgraded 21st century version, Social Media.

We create, develop, write and performs stories with plots.

Our characters are defined by canon, non-canon, MMORPG, video game design and character dossiers.

Our audience and focus group ranges from entertainers and celebrities to dedicated genre fans.

Our goal is to build “canon” in with social media metrics

Our preliminary treatments are located on the Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists

What is Social Media Performing?

The Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists Talking Points

imageWhile we are interested in expanding to other Universes, our first performances have been in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Currently, this blog focuses on this particular of the Star Wars “Universe” or “Verse” and provides synopses and narration for upcoming performances with addenda to understanding new concepts into the stories we tell, based on scientific facts.

History of Social Media Amateur Performing

Social Media Amateur Performing in favorite pop fictions is not new. Since the 1970’s people have created many stories—also known as Fan Fictions. More excitingly, the advent of Social Media has shared these stories with millions of people.

For those new to performing on social media this link provides the best explanation of it, which is from the top Star Wars related video game design companies.

The Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists Purpose

Here are our “talking points” to new and seasoned Social Media Actors interested in us.

The Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists uses various Social Media nodes, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Second Life, etc. to expand their stories.

One important definition is Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). The Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists does this on social media, particularly Facebook.

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists Background

We are a division of  The Ari | af | ya Universe, a Limited Liability Corporation and legal business entity in Washington State and the United States Federal Government.

The Ari | af | ya Universe also known as Ariafya LLC is an online mental health and wellness group which disseminates culturally competent mental health and wellness information to diverse populations following the health disparities guidelines from the United States governments under the Food and Drug Administration, particularly the National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Mental Health division. 

There are three other divisions: Sistah Mental Health and Wellness, GYM Right and Mental Health Angel

The Creative Case for Social Media Performing

It has been well documented throughout the scientific literature that people who suffer from Mental Health issues can significantly improve and self-manage their wellness by 30% when doing creative art without regard to which art is done: Writing, Performing, Drama, Dance, Painting, Music, etc.

It has been reported that the United States may be declining in the creative process due to several misnomers in education: The Creativity Crisis in June, 2010 Newsweek. Moreover, expanding creative process building among young people can be taught and develop lifelong skills.

The Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists is bridging science, creativity and art through online social media…

What this group entails is the following, but not limited to:

  • Desire for storytelling
  • Writing
  • Formatted writing scripts and screenplays
  • Copyrighting
  • Reading
  • Background research
  • Branding
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Advertisement
  • Graphic artistry
  • Scientific conceptualization
  • Social Media account management
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Professional Liaison Management
  • Event Planning
  • Online Event Management
  • Sociability

This list is incomplete…

WIIFM: What’s In It For Me – The Amateur Actor?

At the Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists, an actor of any age or profession can develop their skills with the guidance from various professionals, who range from professional writers to research scientists. These skills help an actor to share their ideas on Social Media.

At the Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists our stories are driven by creating, writing and performing stories with plots. We use basic creative writing structures: theme, conflict, plot, character, dialogue and exposition. In our process, any actor can learn to write, to develop games and social media campaigns.

Some of topics an actor can learn are:

  • Basic story construction and tropes
  • General writing techniques: grammar, spelling and conciseness
  • Character development: Protagonist, antagonist, hero, villain, accessory character
  • Class distinction for storyline advancement
  • Artistry for the character in a MMORPG
  • Promotional beta testing
  • Built in focus group audience reaction to improve story and dialogue
  • Storyboard construction

Since we are a legal business entity and we are here to “upsource” non canon stories to canon, we reserve the right to keep some elements that are propriety to the Isle Sanctuary that may fall in our storyline performances.

While we fully support work life balance as a part of self-care and recovery, we also have stakeholders who want the Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists to thrive as a formal business.

While casual connectedness is important, we do have a Social Media Online Policy and Guidelines we adhere to as a part of our Human Resources packet to bring standards of excellence, organization and lessen the impact of cyberbullying on our actors.

We want people who really want to “tell and perform” their fictional story!

imageThe Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists is dedicated to telling and performing stories in any genre for any universe. Given that a feature film is a minimum of $60 million to make, our goal is justifying that story has audience metrics before expending massive production efforts. We think that Social Media can interrogate a story’s efficacy in this matter.

We are dedicated to assist beginning writers on learning basic story and character development with background research and research from the “canons” (published formats: novels, movies, games, etc.) and expand for their “non canon” stories eventually leading to copyright and licensing.

It is our hope that novice actors enjoy themselves with quality stories and in turn we provided structured and novel tools for the ever-expanding social media universe!

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact us or post on our Q&A.

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