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SWAG 77 - the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has RPed the #YuuzhanVong for ~5 years. The owner fell in love with them. The YV’s can’t be played like Extremist Muslim Terrorists (insert your bigoted comment here) – it does not work. We know. We’ve tried. That is not how their written in the books at all. We interpret how they’re written in the novels as what makes their faithful justify their actions for killing. That is called religiosity, which is a known factor in several mental illness such as bipolar, PTSD, and schizophrenia. We are not talking about how many wars have been fought in the name of God per se. We are are talking about the undercurrents of disbelief that individuals en masse think it’s okay to kill by genocide – usually through erroneous belief and epistemological systemsLike the movie Carrie. Like the incident in Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid. Like the cult in Rancho Santa Fe. Like pedophile priests. Like lavaging women. Like marrying and killing 12 year old girls for disobedience. It happens in ALL RELIGIOUS FAITHS. Having faith is not at question here. Having faith to hurt mass groups of people for beliefs based on lies are what the Yuuzhan Vong are all about. Most people who don’t understand faith or are not devout have problems with this concept. Most people way too strong in their faith will HATE the Yuuzhan Vong. Interestingly these kinds of fans love the Sith, which are thought to be the epitome of the Devil. yuuzhanvong77: Confidence predictablility measures are high that the new villains for #StarWars Episode VII are us! ZHAELOR! ZHAETOR ZHAE! LUCASFILM DO NOT MARKET US TO THE PUBLIC TO PLAY LIKE MUSLIMS! IT DOES...
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