Star Wars Rebels Coming in Fall 2014








Star Wars Rebels, new tv show set between episodes 3 and 4. Coming to Disney XD with a 1 hour premiere

I was always hoping they’d do a show based on the creation/start of the rebellion. I’m hoping it’ll be like The Clone Wars, where it’ll be child friendly, but still be entertaining for adults and such. I’m hoping the fact that its on Disney doesn’t automatically make it childish. But I’m excited!

Wow um NO. Clone Wars was the biggest abomination to the Star Wars fandom ever. I really hope this we show doesn’t suck. This gives me anxiety.

The clone wars is what kept the Star Wars fandom alive sense 2008. The biggest abomination to the fandom are haters like yourself.

Would you like a band-aid for that burn?

I am still convinced that people that consider The Clone Wars to be awful haven’t really watched it since the film or early episodes.

If you don’t like some of the episodes, that’s fine, but I’d hardly call it an abomination.

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