SWAG77 Patreon Partial Basis of Grand Admiral Thrawn X Sabine Wren


The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 studied several vintage movies to develop the relationship of Grand Admiral Thrawn with Countess Sabine Wren. We did not align this movie with the fan-fiction story, but the images we saw fit our story.


We were most interested in the carriage ride scene. The actors are some of the most prolific actors of their day. Sir Laurence Olivier, who played Prince Regent Charles, and Marilyn Monroe, a sex symbol for her time, plays Elsie Marina the Showgirl. The acting abilities were extraordinary for a late 1950s film that involved controversial subject matter at the time. A Showgirl spending the night with a man she only met once? Unheard in movies at that time. Marilyn Monroe’s dress is a white tight-fitting mermaid dress where she could barely manage to walk. Then, Elsie does a hot dance number in front of the prince that is provocative for its time with the tight-fitting movements of her hips and butt. The softened images of her created a smooth to elicit her beauty on color film. Moreover, Elsie is presented publicly with the Prince dancing and enjoying themselves.

SWAG77 likes the facial gestures by these legendary actors. The facial moves are incredibly subtle and at first, what the audience sees is a flighty showgirl that is too gleeful to understand the seriousness of her place in class and society. But she is blissful to enjoy riding a simple carriage to a royal event. Whereas life has become bland for a prince regent even when he travels, and he tries to find simple dizzy women to supplant his inside joy, but he never thought one of those women is free, happy, and strong.