MERCH SW Thrawn’s Winter Solstice Snowboard


Thrawn learns he must find his ZEN. In the wintertime, he did snowsports on his homeworld, Csilla. But it was not like snowboarding as the Humans do. But once he saw it, he did well at it. This item commemorates the change of the seasons on planets to the Winter Solstice when snowsports commence. Each time he experiences it, he snowboards for the winter. AND he teaches it to others, and his people, the Chiss.

“We will be the ARCHITECTS of our own RIDE”

Other merch is available on Teepublic. Art by pm.


Thrawn Winter Solstice Snowboard: “We will be the ARCHITECTS of our own RIDE” We are going down the snow slopes to celebrate the fun with this commemorative merch of finding Thrawn’s Zen.

Art by pm.