HANDMADE COMMISSION: Grand Admiral Thrawn Bunny by The Little Rabbit Tree


Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo as a bunny with his Loth-cat friend. Freshly from eating carrots of the Emperor’s garden patch — err — the Chimaera Star Destroyer. Ready to hunt down those pesky Rebels from the planet, Lothal. Especially that artist one, Spectre 5.


Want to hold him and squeeze him and love him like a little bunny with his Loth-cat?

Well, get yours from The Little Rabbit Tree—handmade sewn plush bunny. Long ears as shown here. With the companion of choice (Ysalamir or Loth-cat). Talk to your “bunny maker” today! Cost is the minimum.

Contact your “bunny maker” for more information. All proceeds go to The Little Rabbit Tree.