Imahara host on MYTHBUSTERS died at 49 years old. (Source:

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 was proud to have our first CELEBRITY to agree to pose for our booth’s funtime at DEATH STAR PUTT PUTT (pic above) at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015.

Condolences to Grant Imahara’s loved ones.








Dear Thrawn fandom,

I’m new to you guys. I haven’t been around long. I write a dumb little fanfiction. I’m here to have fun, make friends, and reblog funny pictures of Blue Husbando.

But I have noticed drama going around in the Thrawn fandom, and it’s simply not cool. Shit like that makes me want to leave the fandom, because let’s be honest here:

I got too much shit going on in my real life to deal with fandom bullshit.

So I am reposting a blog I wrote back when Once Upon A Time was running. It’s about how ship wars are freaking dumb as hell.

This is also a blog about how to be a decent person in fandom.

Here’s an example from my post; it’s the most important point of the entire thing:

“This is the one thing that freaking blows my mind about ship wars
more than anything else! People bully and harass other fans over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! Is it truly worth hurting another human being with feelings and emotions like you do over a television show? Are ships truly that important to you where you would hurt another person? If you answered yes, then you really need to reevaluate yourself. No
ship, character, or TV show is ever, EVER worth harming another person
either physically, verbally, or emotionally. That’s ludicrous behavior,
and it makes you the villain in that narrative.”

Enjoy. I’m gonna go back to writing Thrawn with my OC lady, Thrass with his boyfriend, Eli being a precious boi, and Cad Bane being a crappy but nice uncle to his sister’s brats because it’s fandom and I can do this shit because it’s a fictional movie, tv show, and novel at the end of the day so why the hell you hurting your fellow human being over this crap?

OOC: try roleplaying Thrawn and there will be a good reason why some RPers have problems with ships.

See, fans geek out about ships. How they are suppose to be or suppose to go — especially if already performed on TV and movies, or as written in novels. These are called “the canon”. When other fans have differences of opinion, there is conflict.

Not this RP, but another RP I was in, several RPers as women attacked my RP character in OOC but still trying to RP accuse me of actions I never took. As a male RPer, character destruction is uncool. The only way I could get out of the RP was by killing them in RP so they could respawn. When the other “object of affection” RP partner is delayed as mine was and could not RP with me at the time of my attack, SOME RPers feel license to dominate my character without plotting with me to see if that is the way my storyline is going. If you respect your RP partner and my storyline, then you would not dominate my muse.

That’s why we stopped these kinds of RPs and do more campaign launches, like this account.

As far as shipping RPs, we do pure adult level because that gets rid of the less serious RPers — we’re more Rated R now, but we switch to porn level.

It works. But we need consent at 21+ years old for all shipping RPs.

These are our rules. Anyone upset about underageism or the porn content probably should not be in our shipping real RPs.

This account is not slated for that. @thrawnbine77 is.

There is a big fucking difference between role playing with other role players and not shipping how you want and people attacking people who like or dislike a certain ship, don’t confuse the two.

BUT this does bring up a few good points!

I wrote this piece using shipping as an example, but it’s actually a piece about how to be a decent person on the internet.

If I had to rewrite it today, I would probably add in a section about communication which would also apply to RP’s.

Along with being a fanfic writer, I’m also an RPer as well. I used to RP on tumblr with Fandral blogs for Marvel. Some of the blogs were great! What made them work was we communicated constantly. If the plot didn’t go the way one of us thought and led to conflict, we would talk it out.

There were some blogs I just had to stop working with. They wouldn’t communicate. They would dominate RP’s. They wouldn’t respect my concerns or even listen to me. So I ended it and went onto other RP’s. Sometimes, they don’t work out either and it can be frustrating trying to find good partners.

Now I only RP with two close friends and it’s through skype and on the phone, but the same thing still applies:


It’s so important in fandom. Whether or not it’s RP, talking ships, fanart, fanfiction, etc., being able to be open minded, listening to the other person, and even saying, “I hear you and respect your opinion even if I disagree with it/I hear you and love that idea,” communication is probably one of the most important things you can do in fandom.

It’s hard to get tone and meaning across online. It’s really easy to misread a post or think it has another meaning. There’s nothing wrong with asking for clarification on points.

OOC communication is VERY important online, especially in RP, especially when some writers do not write as well as others, BTS or OOC. Nevermind about para RP. It takes lots of practice. You are right, @geekygirlexperience

I think what @geekygirlexperience speaks of is a very fair discourse and relays points we strive for as fans.

Building a roleplay THRAWN character before we knew he would return to canon was very difficult. Key quotes required adequate framing with Lucasfilm and its production in 2015 at Star Wars Celebration.

When Filoni said finding the best voice for Thrawn, which turns out to be Lars Mikkelsen . We believe it, because setting up an in character Thrawn without much to go on was tough. We picked 3 Legends novels and took off from there. When we speak to the Lucasfilm Story Group, they know it is our RP characters in Storylines under accolades.

Weve seen the shipping. While we don’t actively RP as we use to, our @getthrawnin does extremely mild stuff based on our story arcs and fanfics.

The @agentkallus77 and @generalhux77 accounts are more available for some shipping. We aren’t Kalluzebs or Kylux— were more KallusSinjir and Reyux with a BDSM harem…long story.

Hey nothing wrong with Kalluzeb or Kylux. I personally like Kylux fan art. But had more fun writing fanfics with KalluSin or whatever, and Hux seems like he’d get back at Ren by taking his woman.

Oh we full on write smut for Reylo.

And DamRey is fun, too but our writer has been busy.

To All Fandoms (Right Now Looking at You, Once Upon A Time): Shipping Wars are Asinine



The deleted scenes will be accompanied by an introduction and an optional commentary from the film’s director Rian Johnson. Without further ado, here are the titles for all fourteen deleted scenes:

Alternate Opening

Paige’s Gun Jams

Luke Has a Moment

Poe: Not Much of a Sewer

It’s Kind of Weird That You Recorded That

The Caretaker Sizes Up Rey

Caretaker Village Sequence

Extended Fathier Chase

Mega Destroyer Incursion – Extended Version

Rose Bites the Hand That Taunts Her

Phasma Squealed Like a Whoop Hog

Rose & Finn Go To Where They Belong

Rey & Chewie in the Falcon

The Costumes and Creatures of Canto Bight

We don’t have any indication as of yet regarding the length of these scenes, but I imagine they range from under a minute to a couple of minutes in length. In several interviews Rian Johnson hinted that they have at least 30 minutes of deleted scenes material from the movie, so get ready. For now, at least we can speculate on what we’ll be seeing more of next month when we get to bring the movie home.

Exclusive: Here Are All The Deleted Scene Titles From The Last Jedi Home Release!


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars – All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Sinjir Rath Velus, Rilo Tang, Garrick Versio (mention), Sid Uddra (mention)
Series: Part 1 of The Operative

Sinjir Rath Velus is taked with eliciting a confession for the theft of Moff Orseas’s ring from Gunnery Officer Rilo Tang.

The Empire Makes Us Monsters by CC_77


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars – All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Sinjir Rath Velus, Thrawn | Mitth’raw’nuruodo


Sinjir Rath Velus confronts Grand Admiral Thrawn about the treason of Agent Alexsandr Kallus.

You didn’t think the Military Intelligence, Loyalty Commission would just let the loss of the one of their ISB agents go, did you?

Partial basis from Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: Tarkin, Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy and Star Wars: Thrawn. 


The Operative  by CC_77


We did a #StarWarsRebels #RP on Twitter. Here’s a brief moment to it. Then we will “write around” the dialogue to give it more breadth and depth to see the viability of this story arc within the context of #SWR.

Formally written WIP fanfic:
Earliest Sinjir v Thrawn