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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Anime Opening (I’m so sorry)

I’ve watched this about a dozen times. It is PERFECT


hahahahaha this is amazing! XD



The First Order (often abbreviated to FO) is a large, Imperial-remnant of 700,000 based in Carida, with holdings in Nkllon, Orisian, Manan (Benin) and along the Hydian Way. The FO emphasizes and claims to support a myriad of Imperial values, such as Imperialism, personal liberty, and the rule of law. It also strives to restore general order to the wasteland of a galaxy, the improvement and development of infrastructure and economic systems, and a basic common peace between the people. Though appearing to be a benevolent entity of governance, the ability to control planets it claims to protect, the fidelity of those who live under their rule, and the widespread corruption within their political system has been questioned by many, without a clear response by the FO themselves.

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