Breaking Social

Breaking Social – Most innovative or unique use of a social tool, platform or application.

SWAG 77 has used Facebook and Twitter in such a unique way that rarely are there other groups have the high standards we uphold for portrayal of Star Wars characters.

We have set the way we create our Facebook Fan Pages that is consistent that honors the Lucasfilm Ltd content creators. 

The images used on key pages are from Lucasfilm Ltd, Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television show.

One example is Bo-Katan – she is a female Mandalorian women that is a Lieutenant for a “splinter terrorist” group called Death Watch.


She is the new strong female character in the Star Wars genre.

We created her Facebook Page with only the following words: Confident, Sardonic, Deadly.

We built our ideas from reading several books and hoping questions were answered by the content creators, such a the Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Supervising Director, Dave Filoni. He answered our questions to gain insights in this “Bo-Katan” Character.

We added an “in character” Tumblr blog, then gave her a Twitter account.

More progress has been seen on Facebook in doing what we do as shown on the Lemons to Lemonade

When Lucasfilm Ltd. permitted SWAG 77 to have a fan table at Star Wars Celebration VI, the owner purchased a replica helmet to “cosplay” as the character.

It took a lot of confidence to wear this helmet, but it has been a lot fun.

SWAG 77 figures that other characters can be launched similarly. While other people can create pages, within 2-3 months these pages are abandoned. The majority of our Star Wars character portrayal pages are updated frequently.

Because hope to have a license from Lucasfilm Ltd. or contract to portray their characters on Facebook. Mainline characters can easily garner LIKES, comments and interaction.

Though Lucasfilm Ltd. can initiate their own Facebook and Twitter character pages and accounts and do a really decent job, OUR pages requires standards, and daily interactions with fellow fan and posters.

And that is why SWAG 77 knows it is “breaking social”.

Please review the rest of our blog to see our activity. Thank you.

The Unsung Hero

For SWAG 77 ~ Star Wars Actors Guild 77 our unsung hero is Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders.

Tireless! Vigilant! Dedicated!

She gave up her life in molecular genetics to reach back to young people in high school to help them overcome cyberbullying incidences. She said, if they are going to roleplay on Facebook, or Twitter, then they should start reading, writing and participating in Star Wars fan related projects. 

She has been right there with them. 

Through the SWAG 77 Podcast, co-produced by JDMaul Productions – who is owned by a promising 16 year old young man, they have expanded their reach to speak on a variety of projects as it relates to Star Wars.

The social media of Star Wars by the fans varies. From a Lucasfilm Ltd point of view, it is okay to transmit subject matter as long as the fans do not attempt to make money from endeavors. 

It is hoped by Dr. Moore-Sanders that SWAG 77 would obtain all the character portrayals on social media for Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. 

The issue is, sure, Lucasfilm Ltd. can create their own fictional character pages, but page management and fan management are two different activities. One must be sociable on social media, as of now, it is not apparent on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, on Twitter, it seems that only those in the “inner circle” are spoken to, whereas, other celebrities speak to anyone they choose, freely (i.e. The TV show: “Scandal”)

Two-dimensional outreach has a long way to go on social media, but one-day, it will have a more realistic impact than the current “uncanny valley” it is undergoing at the moment. When it does, SWAG 77 will be ready, due to the diligence of Dr. Moore-Sanders.

Moreover, Star Wars fans are a very tight-knit community, and Dr. Moore-Sanders has done whatever it takes to speak to celebrities of Star Wars, and to top fan organizations, i.e. The 501st Legion – the top costuming group, The Mandalorian Mercs, and The Dark Empire. Costumed players – cosplayers – have been the most supportive of SWAG 77 efforts and have supported Dr. Moore-Sanders from the help she has given them.

Her viewpoint is to provided similarities with cosplaying groups without having the rigors of making a costume, but the rigors of a lot of creative writing and editing. It is the trade off that some do not prefer, but she loves. She believes that writing is a skill that everyone needs in life and wants to extend that to all who desire it.

Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders is the Unsung Hero who deserves to be honored as the community manager who has best used social media to grow, support and provide value to an online community.

Han Solo

What can we say? Han Solo is one of the most prolific characters of Star Wars, and we are the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 ~ SWAG 77. 

Scoundrel! Ruffian! Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder! WE KNOW HAN SOLO!

He often would doing things out the spur of the moment if the novels by A.C. Crispin were read. Then, by the time he met Chewbacca who owed him a life debt, there were the two of them and since then, the rest is history…

SWAG 77 has had to go it alone before being recognized by Lucasfilm, Ltd. 

We had to organize and implement basic roleplaying concepts, and how we operate our pages

We suffered tremendous grief online for our process that has stood the test of time. Rather than showing the images of the harassment, we prefer to show you our successful campaign – the character, Ahsoka Tano:

In the movie and hit television show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano was a Torgrutan female who became the padawan of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. She was 13-14 years old when she started and her naivete was apparent. Over the course of the Clone Wars, she had become wise. 

In our hands, this Ahsoka Tano page was started in 2010, we had several administrators, but until a more dedicated administrator, Josh Spaugh joined SWAG 77, the increased levels of likes did not happen until the beginning of 2012.

By the end of 2012, we had nearly 800 likes and still rising. Suddenly in 2013, our like levels exponential increased to nearly 1700.

What we gain from that is interaction from fans of Ahsoka, that we play “in character” showing the adherence to canon, continuity and timeline of the content creators at Lucasfilm, Ltd.

What the content creators receive from us is more fans inquiring about the other products that feature Ahsoka Tano, and appreciation of the artistry of the character.

We hope to several characters in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and other eras can be portrayed similarly.

We are the only group that has these standards, different from a roleplaying game or “RPG” which rely on die, or a “massively multi-user online roleplaying game” or “MMORPG” that relies on computer coding to organize player games.

What makes our system different is the platform. The basic design of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are far from amenable to the coding of games without an application program (app). Our fans want to “TALK” to their favorite character and have “ANSWERS” that are “in character” rather than some “bot” program (as seen on Twitter). This acting requires a lot of skills that one does not develop playing  online games, and the rules to a RPG are too rigid for a social media platform.

Our system is more like producing, directing and acting for a movie, television show or play, rather than basing it on RPG rules. It inherently adds excitement to the fans and the actors portraying the character. It can bolster any product per recommendation. Ironically, individuals come privately and divulge their innermost personal secrets, though we forbid that. Nevertheless, the desired need to connect with fictional characters are extraordinarily huge and the field is open, for now.

SWAG 77 and it’s parent group ISCA is at the forefront on the most successful procedures in implementing this process.