Juloff Exclusive Report: Lieutenant Bo-Katan. Confident, Sardonic & Deadly



Juloff here. War Correspondent Embedded To Interview Lieutenant Bo-Katan. Confident, Sardonic and Deadly. A part of Death Watch and serves under its leader, Pre Viszla. We are here to find out more on this mystery woman with my hired Zygerrian Arms at an undisclosed location.

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Juloff Exclusive Report: Lieutenant Bo-Katan. Confident, Sardonic & Deadly

//fan sense & screenwriter sense — 2 different things Obi-Bo ship will never happen cos #StarWarsRebels

Fans want Obi-Bo Ship – Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bo-Katan relationship. But the Star Wars screenwriters won’t do that because it will not sell tickets, or Nielsen ratings. A plot point using race as a factor sells for the sensationalism. Don’t think so? Shonda Rhimes “Scandal” with Kerry Washinton or “Sleepy Hollow” with Nicole Beharie. We get was George Lucas wants. That’s fine. But it makes it tough to abandon these tie ins made years ago & seem like it’ll come together.

But it’s fun RPing it this way. It give the Fandom geek out.

Obi-Wan Kenobi hooks up with the sister of his OTP and they get busy and have a daughter named Mara Jade after Bo-Katan’s mother, which was her Death Watch name – her mother’s real name was Arla Fett – the sister of Jango Fett, the aunt of Boba Fett. Because Arla had gone crazy, she is the one who gave Mara Jade to the Emperor.

We weren’t able to do the abduction RP.

How come Obi-Wan and Bo didn’t try to save their daughter, Mara? Because Obi-Wan had Luke. Bo-Katan didn’t have the squad to extract and keep her. Every time she tried it, Mara would run back to the Emperor who Force Bonded with her tightly and the Imperial fleet would bombard the planet she was taken to. Bo-Katan is lucky she did not die. Obi-Wan could not risk his cover for Vader to hunt him down and take his son, Luke.

At least that’s the way we RP the story.

Tell us what you think?

#StarWars #RP EPISODE ALERT: Extraction of the Emperor’s Hand on Coruscant



Ahsoka placed a hand on her forehead, shaking her head slightly, but a small smile rising upon her face. “You always have a plan involving blasting your way through a situation…” Ahsoka whispered, raising her head, a small smirk procuring at the side of her face.  

She looked to see Bo heading to her squad, before rushing to join her. “Did you really think I would take no for an answer?” she grinned, raising her hood, “I’m helping you.” 

She stops in front of her troops and raises her hands to a stop position. She was a fully armed former Mandalorian Death Watch Lieutenant and her former adversary Ahsoka Tano who through Mandalorian Death Watch Intelligence discovered she deserted the Jedi Order. She was not as tall a Bo-Katan was, her head tendrils reached her height, but her face did not. For a Torgrutan, Ahsoka had grown into a woman,

Bo-Katan flibs her mouth underneath her helmet and sighs. “Dinuir Je’tii dala buy’ce,” Bo commands to her squad member in the Mandalorian language. Within seconds, a Mandalorian-Torgrutan Helmet appears from a compartment on the swoop bikes and the member presents it to Ahsoka a gift. “You come with us,  you fight like a Mandalorian or you don’t come with us at all.” Bo-Katan says to her pointedly.