THE FORETELLING – A Star Wars Fanfic: Rising Force, Rebellious Seed

I was told my story was too violent and should not read.

It’s real put into the Star Wars universe before Disney and has the Legend Yuuzhan Vong.

It is about the “Mother Jedi” trope. My character, AUSET LAH, is a lost padawan enslaved by pirates on an unknown planet. By the time she becomes an adult, she is labeled as a breeder. But she avoided being bred until she was caught and pilloried to be beaten by a knout as an example to the other slaves.

While beaten by the orange overseer, a squad of aliens witness the pain on AUSET that only a goddess could withstand. It was by faith that they saved her and took her to their synod.

She is the first Jedi youngling they captured for study.

Read excerpt:

But this time it was different. Presently, Auset hangs from the pillory and severs herself from the Force. But this time, it is as if the Force would not let her go. She sneers at him. “Overseer, the backs of slaves will never pay for your debts to the Corporation!”

The Overseer growls into her ear and turns to his audience. “See how she defies me? I will make her an example.” The Overseer leans in to mumble. “Last chance, baby. My office or my knout?” He flits out the shiny metal claws tied to leathery braids — five in total.

Star Wars Rising Force, Rebellious Seed: The Foretelling


Original posts.

See, in 2011, I wrote a letter to Lucasfilm how diversity needs to be addressed due to the cyberbullying.

I showed screenshots to prove my point.

They wrote back clueless. I abandoned Twitter because of the harassment.

No Black people supported me. In fact Black people participated in the bullying – misogynoirists. There is no Black solidarity in the Fandom. There was none overall in 2011.

Then Trayvon Martin was murdered.

That changed some of minds and having real life experiences in bigotry and racism like I have had flips your understanding and perspective quickly.

But this fight, you won’t win this way. Why? You’re whining about it. People are sick of hearing Black women whine. Just how they see it.

Make it worthwhile. Don’t be stupid and misconstrue what I am saying because your historical reference sucks. Do your research and learn.

How “Star Wars” forgot about black women – JUST ADD COLOR


You slammed my efforts in 2011 when the chance to change was going on. I hate this because I am one of the Black women that bust my ass to be in clouded in the fandom. Because I do not write well, my ideas don’t come across effectively. But I know what works. The aforementioned characters are not what we are looking for.
The Star Wars Universe is Proliferated with Brunette White Female Protagonists – Black Girl Nerds

Truth: Why are we pursing a ship type social media than a noble one, like getting a Black Woman in Star Wars?


Because the grief is not worth it to do the “right thing” alone. I’d need more support. Voices stronger than mine. Social media viral marketing that I can’t do alone. I’m not going to bring a Black Woman into this game with so many who hate our very existence. Forget the new books. I’ll be with the rest of the crowd who are reactive after the movie than proactive before the movie is written.

Thrawn was hard enough and that’s a whitewashed blue dude…

The odds of doing a dark complexioned heroine in Star Wars who lives through tumult in Star Wars are non-existent. Absent.

So when you complain, just know IDC because 3 letters to Lucasfilm with responses means that someone doesn’t get it.

I’d do better to get George Lucas in the film as a cameo like Stan Lee is in Marvel flicks.


That sad feeling when you’re a star wars fan and you wanna take part in the excitement over Rogue One but you’re a black woman and there are no woc, let alone any black women in the movie.. so you gotta watch your white female friends have all the fun

@otherbully1 That’s when you fan create your original characters that figure in prominent at that time. Mine is @senatoryemaja. I can tell you, Lucasfilm knows about my character and I’ve told them they have a problem with Black women, atm. 

But of course there is @raesloane77, @ketsuonyo77, Sana Starros-Solo, and Ciena Ree.

Our POC RP character portrayal REPRESENTATION on Tumblr


@sabinewren77 – canon

@senatoryemaja – OC non-canon

@ketsuonyo77 – canon

@raesloane77 – novel canon

@mazkanata77 – canon

@finnstarwars77 – canon

NOT an RP character but used as a social media conduit: @teamtano

Other characters in the SWAG77 that are POC – OC non-canon

Osun’oya Lah-Windu – Faceclaims – Rihanna/Keke Palmer – the daughter of Mace Windu

Auset Lah – mother character – Faceclaims – the Goddess Auset any dark-skinned form. EXACTLY 

Senator Yemaja Lah – Faceclaim – Selita Ebanks.

Cateleya Aiyar Marek – Faceclaim – Zoe Saldana (may change) (dead character)

Shiavat Lah – Faceclaim – Maori Warrior

Hevelausar Lah 

Peleleilani Lah – Faceclaim – Goddess Pele and Goddess Poliaku

Sith Serebus – Srinavara, Vestis, Leonard

Viong Maxel Muyel – wears Ooglith Masquer of Asian man, but is Yuuzhan Vong

Zhat Lah – wears Ooglith Masquer of Black Panther… but is Yuuzhan Vong (before there was a movie about T’Challa).

We created ALL these characters because there were NONE in 2009 to 2011. To have stories told that WE relate to, we created our OWN… We received a lot of racist bigotry before 2011…

Then, in 2012, Lucasfilm told us to only roleplay canon.

It is a lot better now.

Yemaja is the most powerful character, her accolades are larger than before. But Lucasfilm will not pick her up into canon.