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SWAG77 FANFIC: HOLONET REALTIME NEWS: Senator Eirop Rettak Statement on Recent Comments by Senator Manej Niche.

Bad Guy Being Good

“The Build The Galaxy Better Act is fiscally responsible legislation. We will pay an incredible price if we fail to lower Galactic Imperial citizens’ costs. The high costs of unaffordable youngling orphan care on the Outer Rim, medical droid treatments, energy, and more. Suppose we continue turning a blind eye to Separatist big corporations and the ultra-wealthy aliens cheating war reparations to the Empire.

“Women, humans, and aliens, like Twi’leks, are huge drivers of economic growth, but they’re dropping out of the workforce because they can’t afford youngling care. Galactic Imperial citizens cough up billions to Big Med Droid companies because health care can’t negotiate MedStar prices. So we’re lagging behind the timetables investing in clean energy and green manufacturing to protect us, all while failing to protect Galactic Imperial citizens from sweetheart deals that enrich Former Separatist Hyperfuel. And we’re letting Former Banking Clan rip off the Galaxy on Muunilist that are lining their pockets with the Trillions in war reparations they already owe under Imperial law.

“It’s no wonder why economists are cutting their forecasts for Galactic Empire economic growth following Senator Manej Niche’s comments. The Build The Galaxy Better Act combats inflation and invests in what we need for a strong, stable, galactic competitive economy. We must forge on for the sake of our economic recovery.”

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From our family to yours: Merry Christmas from the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77)

Mele Kalikimaka

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 wants to wish all Star Wars fans who celebrate Christmas to enjoy their time with their loved ones and have comfort and joy during this season.

If we could have added more of your stockings on our hearths, but if you look, there might be a Christmas present for everyone. We think the location is one of the homes of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He certainly has a fiery Chimaera in our fanfiction in that fire.

And take a trip around the good ole Christmas tree on the hyperfuel train as Boba Fett, Grogu and Darth Vader gives us some love.

SWAG77 would like to thank Ty’gen Doughtryss for all his art, and Brett Sayles who allowed this free to use with attribution of a Christmas template.

  • Title: “Lighted Christmas Tree”
  • Author: Brett Sayles
  • Source: Pexels
  • License: CC 2.0 BY-SA

SWAG77 Fan Art Attribution Addendum: Our Use Of Deepfake Technology

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Addendum to our guide:

New technology: Synthetic Media (Deepfake Technology)

SWAG77 purchased programs that are capable of modifying one image to another to a whole new created image that is further modified to fit the imagery of the fanfiction stories we write in a show and tell. We use Synthetic Media or Deepfake Technology.

While we commission fan artists for complex images, which can become costly for us, we have purchased these programs for rapid creation and high output for more stories we wish to relay to fans.

Some websites require age confirmation and consent to use images of real-life people.

Per their rules and regulations, SWAG77 wants to abide by the rules set forth.

We do not understand how a website will enforce the use of freely available images from search engines that are not stock photos or in commercial magazines. Moreover, there is no mention of the use of algorithms in the creation of synthetic media and its modifications.

SWAG77 supports the rules and regulations set forth by the company of which its content is held.

Our policy now is that an original fair use unblurred facial image creates new media by our synthetic media programs. Artificial intelligence that synthetic media uses, modifies the original image markedly to become a new creation. We think that our use of these programs is the definition of creative art. Since the new image is not of a living person but an interpretation made by artificial intelligence, we think that consent is irrelevant since we created this fictional character and all images.

The original fair use unblurred facial image we show publicly is blurred by image modification technology, including our content that is kept on exclusive sites.

As of November 1, 2021:

SWAG77, its parent company, Ariafya LLC, and all subsidiaries that use this synthetic media technology will list the use of said programs that created a new image from image manipulations and modifications.

SWAG77 Editorial: HBO Max’s 15 Minutes Of Shame And Schadenfreude

HBO Max’s 15 Minutes Of Shame was produced by Monica Lewinsky of President Clinton fame and Max Joseph of the TV Show Catfish. A very odd group to present this concept of what happens on social media, but necessary for this age.

Monica Lewinsky was only 22 years old when her name moved around the world, and it is her shame. My grandmother used to say she was called “everything but a child of God.” And I remember the comments made about her in 1998. I was an adult in graduate school when it happened. I don’t know how strongly I felt. I probably was mad because I encountered how some women cozy up to celebrity men by any means necessary, and the man is helpless unwittingly. I had undergone the most humiliating embarrassment of my life at that time, and I thought such nasty things.

Today, I have learned from an unlikely source differently by being more open-minded to why one would say and do what they say even if they are in direct opposition to me. I still have far to go.

Anyhow, 15 Minutes of Shame outlines very recent individuals who have made a tiny error in life, even apologize for it and wind up on social media lambasted. They are threatened with their lives. Their family’s life is threatened. They lost their jobs. Their story never stops, and it is not even accurate! Moreover, there is identity harassment: harassment of an immutable trait, like race, ethnicity, sexual preference or gender diversity, or religious belief — anyone who is not of the mainstream and part of the marginalized communities — facts that can’t change — and the result on social media is not just a few harassers, but hundreds per day, on large format social media where someone, a lone wolf, can take action to harm.

We on social media know these facts. But I suspect many, mostly younger than me, don’t know that the bullying, harassment, and blasting are helping social media companies profit from individuals’ errors and demise. In the United States of America, we have freedom of speech — which genuinely means the government can’t come after you if you think of administration of governance or elected official or officer of the court is foul. You can’t threaten them with harm or injury. But if you say they’re an idiot for whatever reason, you have that right, and they cannot kill you or put you in jail.

But social media companies are protected by a law written in 1996 that whatever individuals say on their sites, they are not responsible. This law is euphemistically called “Section 230”. The issue is the law is dated and old-fashioned. Back then, up until the 2000s, social media was in its infancy. People used it to learn new things and new ideas. It was a fun and exciting dynamic. Then at some time in 2010-2012, it went haywire. Individuals discovered that they had power and could use it. That information posted goes unchecked, and the social media companies didn’t care because they won’t be held accountable. Threats of bodily harm could be rampant, but since social media is a business, the harmful individuals RARELY were penalized. However, at some point, social media companies discovered that they could make more money to increase engagement by making a post go viral. It can get viral by appealing to the bottom urges of humanity’s brains — the medulla oblongata — the rage and anger areas through moral outrage. The morality centers taught to us, our underlying values, if they run algorithms from Artificial Intelligence (AI), the more trigger words or catchphrases or comments of moral turpitude you make, the more ads get shown to you that bolsters your emotions to act devoid of critical thinking skills and questions.

Moreover, it works when people are sad and depressed. Of course, rage leads to sadness and depression. In comparison, anxiety comes from fear of the unknown, which can lead to anger.

The Yoda idea: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering…

The big tech makes money manipulating that process to make you more angry by showing similar posts which can goad you on and ads that will cater to your base desires.

For example, I do not like cheaters. I loathe them. So ads that will piss me off are raunchy romance novels where either the women or men are cheaters, which makes me angry. Or showing my friends’ posts who say they are undergoing a divorce because their significant other cheated on them. Or videos where one woman goes over to another woman’s house and starts kicking her ass. There’s more. Lawyers that specialize in divorce because a spouse cheated. Movies about cheating. All of these kinds of information get me to either re-tweet it or share it. All in the hopes of more people seeing it to make money off of a few keywords and what I like and do not like or share.

What is going on is FEAR. Fear is the mind killer — and we must face our fears. Or the anxiety explodes. To fight that off, we get angry, and the anger peaks, then we spiral down into a pit of despair. And then it becomes a vicious cycle because we get addicted to it. Literally, dopamine, the pleasure chemical, is released, and we desire that reward of a high from a sadist’s perspective in getting back at the person under our closest radar and ire. We seek the weakest—all of us.

What does this have to do with Star Wars?

A lot. I was harassed relentlessly by a narcissistic lunatic in 2011, where I had to leave Twitter. This fool makes 100s of burner accounts all to harass me over a lie fabricated by utterly hateful people. It was before I knew that Black women were targeted. Before I knew there were “misogynoirists” who hated Black women. People who were anti-Black and that a large portion of the fandom is racist. I learned people hated me because of my identity, but at the time, I thought I was the only one.

All I was doing was writing fiction for Star Wars as a part of my fandom, reading Star Wars books, buying Star Wars books, asking Star Wars questions, and doing Star Wars roleplay. They hated me because they harassed me, and I told them I could find them so they could say that silly stuff to my face. They got scared, so the group blocked me.

So, because of Twitter bolstering ugliness on its site, I took to Facebook on a recommendation of a fellow fan. I did that until the lunatics directly harassed me with racist comments and said they would kill me. I was not too fond of that, but I was not concerned until I saw my real name on a white supremacist Facebook page. Facebook did nothing after all my reports and then deleted my account because they made up new rules.

So, I had a legal business. It was time to use my business license and start obtaining advertising affiliates. I found out Amazon had one, too. I used them for a while until they decided to kick me off for no reason when they screwed up. But I got something for them. It won’t matter much, but it’s something.

Then a young man helped me seek out a better Star Wars fandom and pursue the “big league” kinds of stuff. It is competitive to do what we used to do, but I could make some things work with some of my training in political campaigns and non-profits. I did business with Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars, which I’m very proud of, and I’ve had my time.

I’m concerned about Star Wars Fandom these days because I endorse a relationship (ship) that only a handful of fans endorse. I support the shipping of Grand Admiral Thrawn with Sabine Wren. They have a 20 year age gap between them as adults, and the story is about agency, choice, consent, and acceptance. It is not all about sex, but fanfiction is about sex, generally.

I fucking got Grand Admiral Thrawn into Star Wars Rebels with the “Get Thrawn In” campaign with a $5000 fan table at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. When Sabine Wren was first announced as an “explosive artist” Mandalorian, a couple of fans said she would have a lot to discuss with Grand Admiral Thrawn. Then her story became clear. She is more important in the galaxy than we once thought. The only being to properly be with her as a supporter is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Moreover, one of her compatriots, Fenn Rau, pledged himself to support her no matter what by raising an army under her rule. Fenn Rau knows nothing about creating and implementing efficient battle plans, but Grand Admiral Thrawn does.

I don’t know the end of my story due to writer’s block. I do not have an idea block. However, I get hung up on what other people say — another pitfall to social media that social media companies have organized.

Star Wars fans of Grand Admiral Thrawn force other ships on the character. I do not care for these ships. Thrawn is shipped with characters from past books to current novels and in the Star Wars Rebels TV show, except Sabine Wren. That is fine with me, but I ship him with Sabine because I want to do it. Fans dislike my ship because they do not respect me. They ridicule me and call me a pedophile when my story is about adults. These acts are NOT Star Wars fandom — it’s Star Wars The Fandom Menace. It is cruel to see my demise because they think it is wrong or not created by them.

I do not waste my time bashing other fans because I have too much to do. I sell books, and some fans buy them from me. I take those funds to maintain the quality of my social media. That takes money. I do not know where fans think this money should come from, but it is not about working a second job. What it is about is monetizing my fandom. If I’m going to get called a pedophile for shipping a fanfiction about Thrawn X Sabine, then I need to be paid for enduring the cruelty of that lie.

Look, I am not afraid of the swatting some warped Star Wars fan tattles to police. I do not care what they say. I have lawyers, too.

It is about a young person who is a fan of Star Wars with parents who have a considerable age difference, and their life is perfect. It is about another Star Wars fan who has met the love of their life, and there is a considerable age difference. Still, they consented and are okay with what they enjoy. It is wrong to say age differences are a problem when people are consenting adults. Power dynamics and grooming are not enough to say it is wrong. That is not right. Older people have the right to love, too, as long as it is welcomed, consenting, and everyone is an adult.

I fight for those Star Wars fans. These antis against Thrawn X Sabine are HURTING Star Wars fans with such heinous accusations. I don’t fear them calling me stupid. I do worry other Star Wars fans who have been supportive of my group being called that. Not because they can’t handle themselves, but because that is not how we are humane to one another as fans. If a fan does not understand or disagree, be sure it is about mutual respect and not falsities. And I have seen so much false information than supportive information in recent years.

This idea of mutual respect brings me back to 15 Minutes of Shame — the antis get high off of shame. It feels good. It raises pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine to seek the reward that one was right on the assumption. It is to seek that high of schadenfreude.

But ask yourself, as a fan, is it that important to get that high when you triumph over a fictional movie because of personal vendetta? To mob attack individuals who might disagree with you? Then preach being holier in piety as if you are the authority? Is that the kind of Star Wars fandom you want?

Because if it is, you are killing the Star Wars Fandom when you seek schadenfreude.

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There is a friendly company that is advertising Star Wars-based jewelry to fans on Instagram called Enso Rings. They have posted their advertisement campaign: REBEL OR RULE. Since SWAG77 is more interested in the Disney+ series: STAR WARS REBELS, an idea came up about SABINE WREN and her choice to REBEL OR RULE.

Get it on Apple TV

While most companies either organize their advertising campaigns or hire a professional Advertising/Marketing company to create their campaigns, social media sponsored posts are a different breed than commercials or print ads. Fortunately, there is more data and reach to a specific audience on social media than commercials or print ads. Therefore Enso Rings, however, designed their marketing campaign, organized their idea of REBEL OR RULE either by guidance by Disney Lucasfilm Limited and/or their interpretation of advertising campaigns from other companies. It is probably both entities.

But, REBEL OR RULE has one subtext in a movie, and then another subtext in STAR WARS REBELS related to the Mandalorian character SABINE WREN.

Enso Ring’s image of a woman with one braid across the crown of her head and ringlets falling on her face looks like PRINCESS LEIA. It seems their motif is to say that a leader like PRINCESS LEIA can choose REBEL OR RULE. She decided to REBEL.

So the idea is, what about STAR WARS REBELS as it applies to SABINE WREN?

Brief background about SABINE WREN: She was in the Emmy Award-winning show STAR WARS REBELS as a Mandalorian character and is a graffiti artist whose story is about leaving her family’s culture found life by rebelling against the Galactic Empire. A Mandalorian only fights for Mandalore. Any other form of government is either a choice or cause that believes but beneficial for one to fight. Mandalorians who fight for Mandalore fight together, but they wound up fractious and fight against each other to dominate all other families and clans. At the time, it appears SABINE abandoned that and the idea of being Mandalorian. She joined the REBELS and Rebel Alliance because she felt it was the right thing to do against the Empire, which she once was, and discovered how they killed and destroyed Mandalorians.

What is interesting about SABINE WREN is she comes from Mandalorian Royalty. Her mother is a Countess. The responsibility to rule as royalty is Sabine’s. She could surrender her royalty, but she will be a permanent outcast and unworthy of ever being called a Mandalorian. She could never wear her armor, and she could NEVER EVER come back into Mandalorian space. She knows this fact, and she thinks initially she is an outcast, but one day, she picked up a lightsaber that is the symbol of uniting the houses of Mandalore under one person with her ruling over them.

Without spoilers, but one, Sabine gave away this lightsaber to another Mandalorian to rule, Bo-Katan Kryze — who is unworthy to wield this sword. The sword came to Sabine, and she solidified her rights to it when she defeated the current IMPERIAL ruler of Mandalore, Viceroy Gar Saxon, in ritual combat. SABINE WREN DEFEATED a mighty Mandalorian Warrior who sides with the Empire, and in that act, became the “ruler” of Mandalore.


In the Enso Rings campaign, of course, for general Star Wars fans who only know the movies, the Galactic Empire rules the galaxy and is the villains.

In our case, with the Mandalorians, SABINE WREN fights for justice under Mandalorian writ and ancient warrior codes by ritual combat. She is the worthy owner of the lightsaber, called the Darksaber.

There are many reasons why she gave it away, and we have written about that in this blog and others. However, we think she knew that, and she was unwilling to rule over her people yet. She is a warrior by default, but she needs more training and diplomacy in the grand scheme of the galaxy. She also requires an army to solidify her rule, and at some point in the Star Wars story, there is a Mandalorian Purge, and many Mandalorians are dead.

So who can be in her army? An army of alliances? The Rebel Alliances?

PERHAPS…Some other race of people, perhaps?

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