One With The Force Ceremony by #StarWars Sorority


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ICYMI: “One With The Force” Ceremony by #StarWars Sorority under SWAG77 for #CarrieFisher and #DebbieReynolds.

Only the strongest and brightest of Kyber Crystals come from stars, and we enjoyed one in Carrie Fisher as our Princess Leia and General Leia Organa in 5 Star Wars movies.  This broadcast honors her life with a musical tribute at the end.

Due to circumstances, Ms. Deborah Reynolds was honored.

It is a solemn and reverent broadcast.

Star Wars Sorority is a fan led program of Star Wars fans under the Star Wars Actors Guild 77.

Our website is:

Topics include Star Wars, fandom, women, and diversity.

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ICYMI: #StarWars Actors Guild 77 #Podcast: Thrawn vs Xizor

Thrawn vs Xizor

Listen to Dr. G discuss the latest Star Wars information and the battle of the non-human leaders in the Star Wars Rebels Timeline: THRAWN vs XIZOR

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Star Wars Sorority Meeting for April! Agenda: “Smexy Clones”

In lieu of SWAG 77 Podcast since JDMaul Productions will be busy, Dr. Gina et al., we will have the April Star Wars Sorority meeting podcast on Saturday at 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM PT on Channel1138.

We will be discussing the Star Wars: The Clone Wars – SMEXY CLONES!

It will be LADIES NIGHT!

All ladies can leave questions here so that we answer them LIVE!


Even the SWAG 77 Owner Does the “Mando Shake” ;)

DrGina owner of SWAG 77 in her “cosplay” Bo-Katan Nite Owl Helmet and Dr.TheHub with is lightsaber. Yes. It’s suppose to be funny.  A dance to the “Harlem Shake” by Baauer.

Star Wars Sorority Meeting 1/30 @ 8 PM PST.

CALL our radio show, the Star Wars Sorority. We are fans of strong female characters in Star Wars.

Phone us at 323-792-2943 on Wednesday, January 30th @ 8PM PST to talk.

The reality of very few women

@Bo_Katan, Asajj Ventress, Padme Amidala, Adi GalliaAhsoka Tano, Satine Kryze, Steela Gerrera, Latts Razzi, Princess Leia, Mara Jade, Jaina Solo.

We are all fans of women in Star Wars. We are the Star Wars Sorority. The dream of many girls, but the reality of very few women…

Scruffy Rebel has been initiated in “Sigma Tau Alpha Rho Omega Alpha Rho Sigma”

The universe of Scruffy Rebel in Star Wars & Disney

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The Wookielover1138 is ready!

Wookielover1138, aka: Jennifer Shaffer has been doing her Kessel Run Review youtube broadcast for several years. She has attended many cons, her latest that we know of was Star Wars Celebration VI

She states on her website:

My show is for Star Wars collectors, artists and enthusiasts. On the show I review some of the latest Hasbro Star Wars toys and check out the custom-made figures and artwork of the underground Star Wars art world.

And she discusses it on her broadcast!

A longtime fan, she has participated on several other podcasts shared among the fans. Couple of them are:

and more!

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