Not a fan of gun toting when I’m getting suspensions for porn… It needs to be marked as explicit material with the social media. But when it becomes vitriolic propaganda, then your blog has to be blocked. Sorry. Our blogs will probably flip your comments to Star Wars-dize them to reflect the language you areContinue reading

getthrawnin: rattle-and-burn: getthrawnin: rattle-and-burn: getthrawnin: In 2015, before the announcement of my presence in Star Wars Rebels, my group, Star Wars Actors Guild 77 sent our “arts and crafts” divisional “Ysalamiri” to Lucasfilm. We were told bluntly that Dave Filoni did not want ysalamiri. At any rate, we defied him by handing out Ysalamiri atContinue reading