And these “fans” say they have accurate information, but they can’t post the actual information from the referenced material. Who is the Wire.com? A magazine? From 2008? Why hurt Mr. Chee who said something about information of the time ~10 years ago and is no longer relevant? The relevancy  f this post is insignificant to the Force and is not in the spirit of fandom. The movie is coming out in a week and it will be excellent and everyone will not care what you say. FACT.

How about you PAYING ME for the harm you have caused me since 2012: paypal.me/SWAG77/5000 

Or you are a Russian Spybot used to takedown Disney because you’re mad at life that you feel has not given you a fair shake. Besides you are probably a racist bigot because your ignorance posts hate-filled silliness a week before the show.

How is citing him racist? How is this hate filled to just quote him? And no. I’m not a “russian spyboy”. I’m a person who developed a deep love a reading via the EU and I’m mad that the 38 years of work put into it by thousands of people is being replaced just so Disney can write its name into the Star Wars history with subpar stories.

You attacked only Leland Chee, one of the few top executives of Asian descent at Lucasfilm. You did not aren’t posting what Rian Johnson says or any other person who is not a person of color, why Leland Chee? To misconstrue his statement stated 10 years ago on a questionable out of print zine? 

No, that is racist, bigoted hate. Pure and simple. If I have not seen it once in the Star Wars fandom, I have seen it many times, just like your meme which is classic. You give no links to what you say, you give no receipts, you have no back up. And gish gallop logic. All you can do is mess with fans a week before The Last Jedi comes out and the sole reason why is when you idiots get together you want to a coordinated attack and attack fan groups that don’t have similar issues with your way of fandom. Your way of fandom sucks. 

That’s how fascist do it. Well, I’m a part of the anti-fascists…

What? You’re listening to Twin Suns? To John and them? To the Alliance? Tell them I said: DO RO-IK VONG PRATTE and they have another war on their hands and I will rake them through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr if I have to by myself. I’m crazy enough to do it, too.

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