The concerns of the Rebels? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of Galactic Empire. We Chiss look back at our long history of conflict with outside Chiss Space. We observe their strategies and develop our own, in response and in kind. There is no need for loud massContinue reading

National Artist Fellowship Call Apply Now!

nativenewsonline: National Artist Fellowship Call Apply Now! Published August 10, 2017 VANCOUVER – The call for submissions for the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation’s (NACF) National Artist Fellowship is now open to accomplished individual practicing Native artists. Native artists may apply for support as they explore, develop and experiment with original or existing projects. Awarded National Artist FellowsContinue reading “National Artist Fellowship Call Apply Now!”

John Boyega Vents His Frustrations About Racial Diversity In Star Wars

empirestrikesblack: Lucasfilm failed its diverse fanbase by not sharing fandom with them. They know that. We’ve written them, before the Disney purchase. So they don’t want to fix it. That’s how it has been for 8 years since SWAG77 involvement. Well, it’s sad to see the actor, John Boyega, feel that way, but fans don’tContinue reading “John Boyega Vents His Frustrations About Racial Diversity In Star Wars”