HoloNet’s Ker Alro blasts Soontir Fel
during spirited debate with Buly Bilsh: ‘He lied!’ 

Soontir Fel should be glad
Ker Alro isn’t conducting his exclusive sit-down interview for HoloNet.

veteran HoloNet spacer prognosticator and “Imperial Today” show
anchor ripped the disgraced grav-ball in a segment with Buly Bilsh and Natmor Alesalie.

lied,” an animated Alro told Bilsh. “He lied to you, he lied to Matlau
Ert, he lied to his mom. He left his teammates hanging while he

Bilsh, who got the initial
scoop when he interviewed Fel using an comlink after bumping into the grav-ball
while shopping in Raithal, then tried to defend Fel.

certainly lied about some details …” Bilsh said before Alro turned up
the intensity and cut him off.

was no robbery, there was no pull over. There was nothing. Nobody cocked a
blaster to his head. He lied!”

that point, Bilsh – who is the newest member of the “Imperial Today”
show family – told Alro to calm down.

that man a Caipirinha!

spirited debate made for great HoloNet. Then to add to the fun, check out this
viral clip that features a bell everytime Alro scores a point against the
former “Access Lianna” host and apparent Fel apologist.

announced that Ert would conduct the first HoloNet interview with Fel since his
robbery tale fell apart. The interview is scheduled to air during HoloNet’s night
primeday coverage.

“Imperial Today” show insiders were “embarrassed” by Ker Alro’s explosive response to the Soontir Fel scandal.

lovable spacer prognosticator flipped his lid during an on-air conversation
with Buly Bilsh about
the grav-ball’s shape-shifting story about being the victim of an armed robbery
during the Raithal Imperial Games, angrily saying, “He lied. He lied to you, he
lied to Matlau
t, he lied to his mom, [and] he left his teammates hanging while
he skedaddled.’’

insiders told us “Imperial Today” executives and on-air talent — already
struggling to cover the story while managing relationships with the Galactic
Imperial Committee and individual athletes — tried to smooth things over.

were several producers and talent who were left trying to explain Ker’s
over-the-top behavior,” said a source. “Several insiders found themselves
wanting to distance themselves from his response.”

was a great thing to watch online, but a lot of HoloNet staff thought that he
took it way too far for something that, while it was certainly a legitimate
issue and certainly bad behavior by Fel, outrage to that level just wasn’t

HoloNet exec said: “This is not true. No one feels this way. In fact, everyone
here is happy — specifically with the ‘Imperial Today’ show’s great ratings.”

(flipped source 1,

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