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Another advertisement for articles to flip. Prefer official new sources, but only 2-3 paragraphs will be used. Preferably national or international news because it’s too difficult to use local news that people don’t know or understand. We reserve the right to parody with our edits. Want us to flip a RL news article? Submit itContinue reading “Want us to flip a RL news article? Submit it here.”

ICYMI: #StarWars Actors Guild 77 #Podcast #TheForceAwakens – Let’s Ship It

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#StarWars fans! LVLUP for the #Sith

#StarWars fans! LVLUP for the #Sith Ads ruining your info searches? Information is too long, don’t read and confusing? Unsure where to start for your Star Wars? Feel like asking questions will cause you to be trolled? Level up with the SWAG 77 Sith Book Powerpack. It is reviewed, bundled, thorough and enjoyable by Star WarsContinue reading “#StarWars fans! LVLUP for the #Sith”

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