getthrawnin: SAVE THE YSALAMIRI FOR #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels By Dr. BB in Can’ada Attending an awesome con on the planet Can’ada, Imperial Veterinarian, Dr. BB advocates for these endangered creatures from Myrkr due to gross Old Republic/Jedi ecological mismanagement. By her own design with the assistance of the Imperial Chiss Representative THRAWN, a “nutrient basket” wasContinue reading

SW SWAG77 AU Fanfic HoloNet News Article

Alcyone Spiralshock Attacks Emperor Palpatine Over Support of Arrested Teen Sabine Wren: “Palpatine Needs to Stay Out” While most Rebels eyes are on Avemut Heat, Alcyone Spiralshock is turning the political tables on Emperor Palpatine. The daughter of Old Galactic Republic Senator Toncen Spiralshock had a strongly-worded message for the leader of the Empire, whichContinue reading “SW SWAG77 AU Fanfic HoloNet News Article”