“Hello, I’m Alton Kastle and I’m live right here for a glorious Empire Day. All should go well. We will roll out Lothal’s new shipyard.”

“Despite what you think from last year’s Empire Day, expectations are high that there will not be another terrorist occurrence by the Insurgents.”

Searches the Imperial Academy students to interview. “Excuse me. Miss? Miss? What is your name?” The holodroid mic thrusts into the face of a small redheaded girl of 13 years of age. She appears excited and angry from high security due to last year’s attack. “Miss, do you feel safe with the Empire?”

She quickly shoved the droid’s mic away from her. “Get that hunk of junk out of my face!” She saw some of the other girls laughing and went to hang out and laugh with them.

They stood there watching the parade and taking holo selfies together to put on Instaholo.

“That’s 50,000 Imperial Credits, cadet!” He straightens himself up and looks around to find if there are any stormtroopers nearby. He mumbles to himself. “Things change… Not in my day, Academy graduates were eager to speak.”

He leaves them as he glares at them and straightens his hair for another broadcast. “And we have what is called a ‘peaceful protest’ by the Lothal residents. They dress in meager attire and appear like hooligans, not the cleanliness of the Empire and what it brings to them.” The droids take images of dilapidated abodes and grim protestors. “Some say they are Insurgent sympathizers and they aid, abet and condone violence.”

The droid mic starts to interview the protesters who are angry and no one understands them. Alton Kastle rolls his eyes looking for some protocol droid that can speak alien languages. He rakes his head back and the tightened jaw on his face shows his disdain. “Where are Imperials when you need them? I hate interviewing aliens!”


“Woah check that out.” She heard one of the other girls say. Mara turned and saw the protesters. She heard many of the academy students talking smack and agitating the protesters. But she wanted to fit in so she joined them. “QUIT TRYING TO MAKE THE EMPIRE LOOK BAD! YOUR NOTHING BUT REBEL SYMPATHIZERS!”

Alton Kastle interviews an elderly Rodian female whose begging eyes wanted to tell the Empire to stop, but she was long-winded and stuttered. Kastle’s eyes rolled because she was an annoyance, when he saw the crowd surge and sway him almost losing his footing. He stumbles a bit preparing to sneer at them. “You break my holocom, as an Imperial citizen, I will sue you.” But that “you” he spoke to were another group of kids with their heads covered in defaced stormtrooper helmets with various markings. The sweat from their fisted hands ready for Empire day and not in a good way.

Kastle looks around carefully worried the tidal surge of the nasty mash of human and alien bodies would ruin his tidy Imperial uniform. His eyes darted to find a familiar face. It was the kids that last smarted off at him. He waved in desperation hoping they would come to his aid. “I hope this time, they can see, there are always two sides in the Empire. Ours and the wrong side.”

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