@SWAG_77 Star Wars RP Performance: The Abduction of Mandalorian Children

Get geeked out thinking that #Mandalorian Children were abducted for conscription by the Empire as either stormtroopers or if they were Force sensitive, they were made into something worse. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 examines if that story conflict is plausible. igotswag77:

Comm101: @SWAG_77 Adheres to #Disney #Lucasfilm Rules – The Emails

Lucasfilm told @SWAG_77 to adhere to canon, continuity & timeline of #StarWars in order to perform on #SocialMedia at #StarWarsCelebration 6 Lucasfilm told the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 to adhere to the canon, continuity and timeline of Star Wars in order to perform on social media at Star Wars Celebration. //www.scribd.com/embeds/255728533/content?start_page=1&view_mode=&access_key=key-aMxkHuSuXWeHl1F1Ib1t View this document on ScribdContinue reading “Comm101: @SWAG_77 Adheres to #Disney #Lucasfilm Rules – The Emails”

#StarWarsRebels art by Steve Anderson at #StarWarsCelebration Anaheim. Beautiful!

Special permission was given by Steve Anderson to share this beautiful art piece with for #StarWarsRebels. (x) The official #StarWars website has posted the posters of all the super talented artist who will be exhibiting their work at the #StarWarsCelebration in Anaheim in April. I decided to do do something a little different this time around and hopefullyContinue reading “#StarWarsRebels art by Steve Anderson at #StarWarsCelebration Anaheim. Beautiful!”

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