whosthewhatnow: Well HOLY CRAP! 5000+ followers. As promised, to celebrate, here’s the 3rd in My Star Wars series titled “A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW” Inspired by my love of Star Wars and a nagging question of mine. This follows my other prints: For 1000 Year and BFF. I will debuting the print for the firstContinue reading

#StarWars Actors Guild 77 Awesome Internship Opportunity

#StarWars Actors Guild 77 Awesome Internship Opportunity Promotions Team – Maintaining Facebook pages, posting, twitter, etc. (2-3 People) (g with affiliates) Podcast Directing Team – Show notes, coordinate with Chris, get guests etc (2-3 People) Creative Team – Brainstorms on new and exciting ways and ideas for the podcast (4-8 People) (Gina and Josh) Hosting TeamContinue reading “#StarWars Actors Guild 77 Awesome Internship Opportunity”