Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones but so is Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. There’s a very specific formula to the Indy films that would be so hard to replicate without their handiwork involved. That said I think the franchise should go on but without any or all of this key players involved I can’t see it working unless the new filmmakers and a new Indy actor change up the formula and make it their own somehow in a unique, successful way. But then is it just Indy in name only? I don’t know… James Bond pulled off the actor change over the course of many films but as great as the Connery films were they weren’t necessarily landmark pinnacles of cinema like the Indy trilogy was. It’s harder to separate the actor from the character in such an iconic case. I say give Harrison and Steven one more shot with the character if they want to keep the franchise going, then have Bradley Cooper or someone (i.e. not Shia) play a grown up Mutt and continue the franchise that way. Thoughts?

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