From @RebelForceRadio

RFR has learned The ‪#‎Star‬ Wars ‪#‎CloneWars‬ Season 5 DVD/Blu Ray release will be announced this Friday. Look for the cover to feature Obi-Wan in his red Mando Death Watch gear. Season 5 will contain video commentaries on every episode which are about 3-6 minutes in length. The Blu-Ray will have the same Jedi TempleContinue reading “From @RebelForceRadio”

SWAG 77 Has A New Accolade!

It may not mean a lot to large businesses, but to us, it is a nice surprise and we love to have accolades given by celebrities. In this case, Ms. Jennifer Lawrence, Academy Award winning actress and lead role in the Hunger Games series. She likes a simple post we “reblogged” from Tumblr. We thoughtContinue reading “SWAG 77 Has A New Accolade!”